DBi Pioneers Cost-Efficient Access to CTA Performance

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Explore DBi’s Managed Futures strategy in HedgeNordic’s latest feature, which highlights how the firm provides cost-efficient access to CTA performance. By pioneering advanced replication techniques, DBi offers investors transparent and effective alternatives to traditional managers, setting a new benchmark in the hedge fund landscape. Read the full article on HedgeNordic. Read Article

TTU Systemic Investor:  Honey, I Shrunk the Trend-Following [PODCAST]

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Today, we are joined by Andrew Beer to discuss why the current surge in Cocoa prices really is a big deal for our industry, but how CTAs have been selling it this year, against many main stream media reports. We also dig into how the strong performance in Q1 2024 is helping Trend Following making […]

The Compound: The New Kings of Wall Street [PODCAST]

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On episode 113 of The Compound and Friends, Michael Batnick is joined by Jan van Eck and Andrew Beer to discuss: the bond market, the national debt, private-credit, alts, managed futures, the Sam Bankman-Fried trial, and much more! Listen below. The Compound – The New Kings of Wall Street