The Compound: The New Kings of Wall Street [PODCAST]

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On episode 113 of The Compound and Friends, Michael Batnick is joined by Jan van Eck and Andrew Beer to discuss: the bond market, the national debt, private-credit, alts, managed futures, the Sam Bankman-Fried trial, and much more! Listen below. The Compound – The New Kings of Wall Street

Was 60/40 a Big Head Fake? Some charts from DBi.

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Disclosures Past performance is not indicative of future results. This presentation has been provided solely for informational or illustrative purposes and does not constitute an offer to buy or sell and of the securities or financial instruments contained herein, nor should it be construed as financial advice. All data contained herein has been obtained or […]

Are Multi-Strat Hedge Funds Dead Money?

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There’s a decent chance that multi-strategy hedge funds – the shining stars of the hedge fund firmament — will underperform cash over the next five years.  To be clear, we have no special information here – just a tad of experience and a sense of déjà vu.  What’s bothering us?  More assets, bloated fees and […]

How Hedge Funds Became the New Fixed Income Substitute

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Almost overnight, allocators started to swap out fixed income exposure for hedge funds.  What’s driving this?  Two trends:  after large and sudden drawdowns in both 2020 and 2021, many allocators simply want out of traditional fixed income; meanwhile, with alpha back, hedge funds appear to have much better return potential with comparable or lower risk.  Recent oversized drawdowns Let’s start with the first trend.  The difficult reality today is that fixed income investors face paltry expected […]

Wrestling with the Hedge Fund Paradox

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Hedge fund investing has always been something of a paradox:  potentially powerful diversification benefits, but at the price of illiquidity, egregious fees, opacity, embarrassing blow ups and often insurmountable minimums.  Since the early days of the business, there have been six waves of products designed to preserve the benefits while addressing the drawbacks. Broadly speaking, […]

How Hedge Funds Lost Their Way and Why They’ll Come Back

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Using DBi data, Bloomberg’s Nir Kaissar writes about factor rotations drive the performance of equity long/short hedge funds and why he is optimistic about future returns. How Hedge Funds Lost Their Way and Why They’ll Come Back Stock pickers appear ready to come out of the wilderness.

Hedge Funds Cash In on the ’Great Reflation Trade’

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DBi’s Andrew Beer explains how hedge funds have been warning that inflation could come in “hotter” than expectations. See Laurence Fletcher’s article here: Hedge funds cash in on the ‘great reflation trade’ High-profile managers profit from this year’s tumble in global bond prices

A $300 Billion Quant Trade Wins in ‘Almost Unbelievable’ Market

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DBi Managing Member, Andrew Beer, explains how managed futures hedge funds stand to benefit from a regime shift in inflation. With rising expectations on an economic growth fueling trends in everything from Treasuries and oil to stocks, Commodity Trading Advisors just notched one of their best months since 2000,

Hedge Fund Replication Worked in January. Here’s Why.

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Julie Segal writes about factor rotations drove alpha in DBi’s Equity Long/Short replication ETF (DBEH) in January 2021. Hedge Fund Replication Worked in January. Here’s Why. Replication passed a significant test in the volatile month of January when retail investors sent the stock of GameStop soaring and some equity long-short funds reeling.